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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted November 29, 2009

'Blurb' about Flying Down to Rio... today's edition of 'Parade' magazine, which is a weekly 'periodical' that is included in many Sunday newspapers around the country.
I'm sure there is probably an 'e-link' to this Q&A on Parade's website, but I just scanned it in for your instant perusal.
It would have been cool if they could have expounded a bit on the method used to create the effect...but it is just cool to see Ginger and Fred's Pic in a current edition of something.

Oh, P.S. - a BIG welcome to Jamie, Gingerology's newest follower! Glad to have you aboard - and PLEASE feel free to throw in your 'two cents' on any and all topics!

Sincerely, JWalker


  1. Too bad it doesn't explain specifically how they were doing it. Wouldn't you think it would be harder to actually film them in the air?

  2. Some of the distant shots look like they were actually in the air, perhaps they hired professionals to do those parts (not sure what you call them, have seen similar stunts done at air shows) and just spliced that footage together with the closeups of the actors? I think they did well with the technology available to them then....but the trapeze act is a little hard to suspend disbelief on! ;)
  3. ...I wonder if the Rio DVD has info regarding the 'techniques' used for the effect... most of the DVDs in the G&F box set have audio commentary,I believe.